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21, Ožiaragis, Ua
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i'm Lisa ❤ Lovense works from 2 tk, random - 69 tk. What is your sexual fantasy? 444 tk full naked

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You are like a flower to me... 1, not a thousand... 1 flower has more value than 1000 flowers, because when you have only one flower, all your attentions are for it... you must always take care of it... it has great value, because it is only one.... and you can't afford it to die or wither... otherwise you'll be left with nothing... and the most beautiful thing for you, will no longer exist... that's why they are so with you... I know what the value of my flower is... ❤️ if I hadn't found you, I would look for you in every corner of the planet.... even if you were a grain of sand in the middle of the desert... to me, you are worth more than anything that exists... ❤️ I don't know if there are angels on earth, but if they exist, one is surely reading this message ... you are saving me ... ❤️ maybe for the world, you're just one person ... but for one person, it's just you, the whole world ?❤️ The most beautiful encounters are already combined by the souls, even before the bodies can see each other ... ❤️❤️❤️ I will dedicate all my smiles to you ... because, you are the only reason! ❤️
In life, you meet millions of people and no one hits you, then one day you meet one ... and your life changes, forever ❤️ out of 8 billion people, you are the only one, who makes my heart beat faster, every day as if it were the first time ❤️ I have no idea where my path is going ... but I feel happy when I know it's aside from yours ...❤️ there are millions of women ... but for me, on this planet, there is no one like you..❤️ Bouquet of roses Diamond ring
Bouquet of roses Bouquet of roses Plush bear Chocolate box Rose Bed for lovers
Rose С 8 Марта! Heart Bouquet of roses Diamond ring Bouquet of roses
You're my princess Heart Chocolate box happy new year my princess С наступающим Новым годом! Champagne
Rose Merry christmas!!???? Champagne I thank you for what you make me feel every day ... Извините, лайнера и плампера у них не было... клубничный зефир
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Seksualiniai pomėgiaiTradicinė
Ūgis160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
KalbosRusų, Anglų
Intymi šukuosenaNuskusta
Krūtinės dydisVidutinė
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Smart men are my weakness. They excite even just a glance. When a man can develop some kind of behavior strategy in order to achieve his goal. A catchy appearance, a certain facial expression, a look, a curve of the lips, unobtrusiveness, a distance. A sexy man who knows how to keep his distance is a very expensive prize.
Apie mane
Ask me, if you want to know something about me
Mane atstumia
Arrogance, stereotyping, duplicity.
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black_orchid Hobby image: 1 В свободное от учебы время или когда я чувствую себя опустошенной, я беру в руки кисть, акварель, цветные карандаши и немного бумаги. И это делает меня счастливым человеком.

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Самая лучшая девушка на Бонге , с тобой получаю нереально наслаждение)))
Лисссс....Я тебя люблю....
The best gift I've ever received in my life is you !!! I will never receive anything more beautiful ... because for me it cannot exist ... I cannot understand how a person like you can exist ... you have made my life real, better than the one of dreams ... every day , you are the first thing I think in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed ... and if I sleep, I dream of you ❤️
Безумно красивая малышка, очень добрая, милая и превлекательная девочка ❤️💋🤗
_ 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Happiness is a very rare and precious commodity ... you gave it to me the first day we met by chance ... you are different, you manage to warm up the day before the sun does ... and make me stay well, when in fact i'm broken .. i appreciate how you make me feel, when i'm with you ❤️
My one and only - hot, smart and sexy Queen :) I will be your faithful dog my Queen ;* let me serve you all my life :)
Лизу очень обожаю, глаз от неё не отрываю, она прелесть блять моя, свет, сияние о даааа❤
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